Philae har landat!

European Space Agency har precis landat med en rymdsond på en komet för första gången någonsin. Här finns det några bilder som rymdsonden Rosetta tog innan landaren Philae slog ned på kometen 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenkos yta. De sista bilderna togs bara 10 km från kometens yta. Philae kommer att analysera kometens yta och gräva ned 10 cm […]

Uwingu – A New Way to Fund Space Exploration, Research, and Education

Uwingu is an amazing new concept for funding space exploration, research and education. They’re currenty in their final few days on Indiegogo, where individuals can sponsor their needed start-up of $75 000. Check it out! Uwingu is a small start-up company, a for profit LLC, consisting of prominent astronomers, planetary scientists, former space program executives, […]

Introducing… Experiment of the Week

I have a new project. A pretty freaking awesome project. Every fortnight I am to think up, conduct and report on a loosely scientific experiment. These experiments will sometimes be extremely basic, and they will sometimes be fairly worked through. Some will be based on existing experiments, some will be made up because I thought […]

The day of amazing news, part 1: the Higgs Boson has been found

CERN finally released the long awaited news, the greatest physics breakthrough in a very long time – the Higgs Boson has been observed (or at least a new particle which seems to correspond exactly with it). If you haven’t heard of the Higgs Boson before, or if you’re unsure of what it is, this video […]

Missad chans att försvara det gemensamma kunskapskapitalet

Jag och Kristofer Pettersson skriver (under mitt namn) i dagens DN Debatt om jakten på ett gemensamt kunskapskapital. Jag återpublicerar den här så att den inte försvinner bort i internetland. Och kommentarer är avstängda här, så gå dit och kommentera istället. För övrigt känns det jättedumt att stå som enda underskrift på en debattartikel jag […]

Piratpartiet initierar att flytta 172 miljarder till grundforskning

Piratpartiets EU-parlamentariker Christian Engström och Amelia Andersdotter har nu föreslagit att flytta 20 miljarder euro, cirka 172 miljarder kronor, från EU:s jordbruksstöd till grundforskning. Jordbruksstödet har tidigare kritiserats, och att vi vill satsa det på forskning framgick under vårmötet 2012, då pengarna istället föreslogs finansiera rymdforskning. Läs mer. Piratpartiets EU-parlamentariker Christian Engström och Amelia Andersdotter […]

A great legend is dead

Few writers have been as prolific to me as Ray Bradbury. He was alongside just a few others in making me start reading properly, start truly enjoying literature and for that matter all media of culture. He was alongside just a few others in making me start make up stuff, start write my own stories […]

xkcd: Forgot Algebra

I’ve wondered about this. It’s hard for me not to be a jerk when I hear someone say they don’t remember anything from math class (the same sadly goes with science as well as some classes such as programming). Isn’t the majority of a good life to learn stuff that’s simply awesome, without a pretense […]

Quote of the Day #24

”Hold my hand, Doctor. Try to see what I see. We’re so lucky we’re still alive to see this beautiful world. Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is in fact deep blue. And over there! Lighter blue. And blowing through the blueness and the blackness, the winds […]