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New layout

Okay, so here we go with the occasional new layout. I just love this one, dark blue waves… I simply love the ocean by night, it seems like it has its own personality in a way. It’s strange. It’s so incredibly calming watching the ocean by night, just sitting there watching the waves.

Also, it reminds me of the cover of Nightwish’ Dark Passion Play album (I know, I simply can’t write a post without mentioning music. Kill me, please kill me.) .

Worth a listen

How can Sonata Arctica keep producing songs with such a happy melody and so goddamn sad lyrics? It doesn’t fit at all, but it’s cool. Nightwish is the total opposite, the lyrics always fit with the melody / music. Just look at Sonata songs like The Rest of the Sun Belongs to Me (lyrics right under this), Kingdom For a Heart, Victoria’s Secret… anyway, this song is worth a listen.

Sonata Arctica – The Rest of the Sun Belongs to Me
I have no feelings, there is no more sunlight.
The darkest hour is now here.
I must have lost it for good, staying here without a fight.
Out in the cold and windy night.
Still waiting for a sign.

I know there is still a day for me.
One short moment is still enough for me.
Bring me life with your ray of light.
If only I found a small piece of the fallen sun…

I wait for the day that will come.
Wait for the sunlight, wait for the one.
You can do what you want with the sea, but the rest of the sun belongs to me.

The winter fell on me and ended my life.
The darkest hour is now here.
Yet one more frozen month, my Hell awaits me, out in the cold and windy night.
Still waiting for a sign…