Daily Report #3

I went up at around 7 AM, ate my breakfast, went to school. In English, we read the novel Holes, in Swedish we studied a part of a novel. After school I went swimming for one and a half hour, and… well, that’s my day. I’m so boring.

Daily Report #1

Since we recently had one week of vacation from school, I’m now going to bed late and going up next morning nothing but tired. I went to school just as tired and had a development talk in the afternoon, had the best grade in swedish and english. After school, I Läs mer

Saw II

Evelina arrived to the Gurkträff today. Tonight we ate pizza, played some Super Smash Bros. Melee and last but not least watch the horror film Saw II, the sequiel of bestseller Saw.I believe the film was great, but didn’t catch the sequences that the first film did. It was a Läs mer