Inte asteroiden över Chelyabinsk, men så kan större nedslag se ut.

Chelyabinsk var inte en väckarklocka, det var snoozeknappen

I februari i år sprängdes en asteroid över den ryska staden Chelyabinsk. Massvis filmer spreds över internet på den tjugo meter breda rymdstenen som kraschade genom jordens atmosfär. Det var bara ren tur att ingen dödades i katastrofen som skadade tusentals byggnader och uppemot ett och ett halvt tusen människor. En ny rapport som publicerats […]

Can the moon landing site become the first extraterrestrial UNESCO World Heritage site?

Apparently NASA is now trying to get the moon landing site, known as Tranquility Base, registered in the National Register of Historic Places. If this succeeds, it might in turn be nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List, which lists properties ”forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having […]

Quote of the Day #24

”Hold my hand, Doctor. Try to see what I see. We’re so lucky we’re still alive to see this beautiful world. Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is in fact deep blue. And over there! Lighter blue. And blowing through the blueness and the blackness, the winds […]

The Beautiful Cosmos: M106

A beautiful picture of the M106 galaxy, lost in the vastness of space. Messier 106 (also known as NGC 4258) is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici. It was discovered by Pierre Méchain in 1781. M106 is at a distance of about 22 to 25 million light-years away from Earth. It is also […]

Brave New Hello World

Welcome to another new theme of the website! I think this one is all the more easier to read, especially now that I’ve been writing a lot more posts in the past few months. This blog has slowly moved from covering all kinds of topics, to basically focusing on two – science and politics. When […]

China is taking over the space market

China’s space programme has been increasing at incredible velocities in the past decade or so, and by all accounts it will continue to increase in the foreseeable future. They recently became number two concerning satellite launches, launching a total of 19 satellites in 2011, beating the US which launched a total of 18, but still […]

The Beautiful Cosmos: Jupiter

Jupiter has grown to become one of my absolute favourite planets in the last few months. Not sharing Mars’ potential for life, Saturn’s fantastic rings or Uranus unfortunate name, it’s often an overlooked planet, which is kind of a shame. It’s the biggest planet in the solar system, it’s mass being as much as two […]