Isn’t this big split between the sexes getting a bit too big? I mean, people keep complaining about women being called stupider than men, that the world is unfair when women are seen as sex objects. But no-one, NO-ONE thinks it’s weird that a boy dressing up in a pink Läs mer

Quote of the Day #4

<Me> ”I ordered something without meat as well as fish, and I get fried mozarella with – as I realise after eating it for five minutes – included fish and ham. <Cook> ”Why does it matter? There’s almost no fish and almost no ham.” <Me> ”I eat NO fish and Läs mer


This moment, I was checking a blog and saw a usual error, which I see all the time. The hexagram is an ancient symbol meaning either God or Satan. If the star points up, the meaning is God and Christianity. Otherwise, the meaning is Satan, and Satanism. Many wannabe-satanists do Läs mer