Great success for the new Pirate Times

As I wrote yesterday, the Pirate Times – a news outlet for international pirate news – has launched, and it’s been with great success. We reached 1 000 unique visitors last night, the majority from Sweden and Germany but also from several other European countries and the USA. Yesterday night at about 15:00 UTC we […]

My RSS feeds

Having gone off from traditional newspapers and TV reports more and more in the last few years, I’m now getting almost all of my news from RSS feeds (what is RSS?), anything from private blogs such as mine, to larger science blogs, news outlets and organisations such as NASA, and – let’s face it – […]

The Wind Through the Keyhole

The Dark Tower novel ”The Wind Through the Keyhole”, due late April, has now been ordered from Amazon. I could have ordered it from a Swedish retailer a tad cheaper, but I couldn’t stand not having the beautiful Simon & Schuster hardcover edition which I’ve loved so much since the cover art was released (view below). Apparently only […]

Starve like huge poodles free in the rain forest…

…and try to figure out why this has been my most visited post for quite a while now (even ahead of the startpage by 40 % or so). It may simply be the obscure reference in the header leading forth many Poe fans, but I can’t find a lot of her in the general Google […]

Sweden Rock Festival 2009

Sweden Rock Festival will start rocking and rolling on the 3rd of June, 2009, and I’ll be there in the front row cheering when I see Dream Theater, In Flames, Hammerfall, Europe, Motörhead… and the 50 bands that will be added to the list in time. See you in Norje, Sölvesborg on the third. Sweden […]

Svensk symbolism

TRE KRONORDet är ytterst diskuterat varifrån Sveriges riksvapen kommer ifrån, men de är som tidigast använda i Magnus Ladulås sigill på 1200-talet. En av förklaringarna till symbolismen är de tre skandinaviska kungadömen Sverige, Norge och Danmark, från tiden då man ständigt försökte få fram en skandinavisk union. SVERIGES FLAGGAEnligt myten såg Erik IX när han landade […]

Naturkunskap: Instuderingsfrågor

Diverse frågor och svar angående naturkunskap.  Förklara begreppet ekologi.Ekologi är den vetenskap som beskriver samspelet mellan levande organismer och dess miljöer, till exempel hur de påverkas av överlevnadsfaktorer såsom näringstillgång, ljus, syre, naturliga fiender med mera. Kort sagt kan man säga att ekologi är vetenskapen om hur naturen fungerar utan människans inblandning. Förklara begreppet art.Djur […]


September 11th is here again. I can’t think of the date without recalling the two events shedding blood upon it. The 911 bombings in the States in 2001, and the murder of Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh in 2003. The latter might not seem like a big event, yet its fifth anniversary fills up the Swedish papers […]

The Twilight Zone

I have heard a lot of the original ”The Twilight Zone” series, running from 1959 – 1964, and I finally downloaded it entirely (24,1 GB, gah) yesterday and watched the first episode (”Where is Everybody”), and it was great.  The Twilight Zone was a series of  free-standing episodes of horror, fantasy and science-fiction, and lots […]