WordPress 2.7 & Random Image

I’ve fixed a new plugin, which I used sometime in the past now; Keith Murray’s Random Image Selector. Me like. I’ve also got the new WordPress, 2.7. It’s great! You probably don’t see anything in the normal mode, but the admin mode is great. I still hate spam though.

Samhällets Spion

…and now a little message to my Swedish readers about my new blog… För mina svenska läsare har jag nu (sedan ungefär två veckor tillbaka) även en svensk blogg som på sätt och vis är aningen mindre personlig och mer uppordnad. Samhällets Spion handlar om vår värld, helt enkelt; jag Läs mer

New layout

Okay, so here we go with the occasional new layout. I just love this one, dark blue waves… I simply love the ocean by night, it seems like it has its own personality in a way. It’s strange. It’s so incredibly calming watching the ocean by night, just sitting there Läs mer

The Hopes Were High

In October 2007, Aki’s Blog celebrates one year on the Internet! The first blog entry is from October 29th, 2006, as you can see in the blog archives on the right. To celebrate this, I change the name of the blog from the boring Aki’s Blog to The Hopes Were Läs mer