The web goes dark

It’s fantastic to see how the world wide web, which is by default a mass creation by literally billions of people, can get together for a cause. Today many pages across the web, including (the English versions of) Google, Wikipedia, xkcd, WordPress, Torrentz, go dark to protest the SOPA and PIPA bills that if passed […]

Upphovsrättsintrång i vardagen – farligt eller harmlöst?

Idag var en speciell dag för mig – tillsammans med min fysikklass fick jag chansen att åka på studiebesök till kärnkraftverket i Oskarshamn. Det innebar att gå upp alldeles för tidigt (06:20!) och sitta i buss 2.5 timmar fram och 2.5 tillbaka. Den första sådana resa fick mig att tänka på hur olagliga upphovsrättsintrång är […]

Stratovarius – Elysium (2011)

Power metal pioneer Stratovarius’ twelth studio album Polaris basically shocked the fans in 2009, bringing forth a powerful line-up after the departure of long-time guitarist and composer Timo Tolkki, who left the band in a big feud in 2008. Polaris was a refreshing new album, stepping on new grounds of progressive metal and techno, and […]

Yuletide greetings

Yuletide greetings from me! So far I got an Agalloch CD, a puzzle fr0m Alchemy Gothic, a Futurama / The Simpsons crossover comic book, coffee, a Firefly-shirt (or, I have been promised one that hasn’t arrived yet) and new headphones. And it’s only 11 in the morning! Though still, everyone know that deep within, the […]

Selected Googlings of late

”det blir svårt att köpa mjölk” ”sleep is an illusion” dungeons n dragons vampire ”how old do diatoms get” is a line of deathless kings about vampires nosferatu prince of persia sands of time tutorial sad animation simpsons strangulation the vampyre vampire starcraft cd key Why all the vampires? ”det blir svårt att köpa mjölk” […]

Quote of the Day XV

”Hey, it’s destroying all the other toys! Why is it doing that?!” ”It must have been programmed to it?” ”What, you mean like Microsoft?” – Bart and Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons) ”Hey, it’s destroying all the other toys! Why is it doing that?!” ”It must have been programmed to it?” ”What, you mean like Microsoft?” […]

The Twilight Zone

I have heard a lot of the original ”The Twilight Zone” series, running from 1959 – 1964, and I finally downloaded it entirely (24,1 GB, gah) yesterday and watched the first episode (”Where is Everybody”), and it was great.  The Twilight Zone was a series of  free-standing episodes of horror, fantasy and science-fiction, and lots […]

Futurama: Bender's Big Score (2007)

”Ah! A bomb!””Stop screaming! That’s exactly what the bomb wants us to do!”  Ever since I first saw the Futurama animated TV series as they aired on Swedish TV in the first half of the 00’s, I’ve loved the shows. As Matt Groening more or less created a new genre of animated sitcoms for adults […]