My new book ”Home” available on Amazon

Amazon has now started selling my new book Home through their various websites (FranceGermanyIndiaItalySpainUKUSA). Unfortunately it is to expensive to buy it to Sweden due to the shipping costs, but for whoever lives outside of Sweden this is the best and cheapest way to get it at the moment.

Home will start selling in Sweden some time next week, and will cost 75 kr with 29 kr shipping. You can preorder it today by writing an email with your shipping address to

A story about obsession, hate, jealousy, love, pain, art, life, death, and the search for a never-ending, never-dying home. But most of all a story about Her.

”Home” is the 30-day memoirs of the search for closure, of the search for a home, of the end of something beautiful. A strange mix of poetry, short stories, biography and fiction.


Prop 19 fails

Just heard that the Californian Proposition 19, which was voted tonight, failed. Prop 19 would have legalized the personal usage of cannabis (marijuana). Marijuana is a drug that is perfectly healthy in the correct dosage, especially if you decide to compare it to the widely used alcohol. Not to mention, no-one has been recorded to ever die from overdose of marijuana, while alcohol every year harvest 150 000 lives, and cigarettes 400 000.

The kept illegalization of marijuana causes the exact same result as the alcohol prohibition of the 1920’s, namely great numbers of deaths per year in gang crimes, arrests of perfectly innocent people and destruction of families. And is marijuana really a gateway drug to heavier stuff? No, ask any user. But is illegalization of marijuana a gateway to heavier crime? Yes.


The Lancet's scale of harmful drugs (click to enlarge).

Tim points out in the comments that there is a paper published this Monday in the Lancet which discusses the harms of different drugs in the UK. In the general scale of the study (harm to self and to others combined), cannabis is on the eight position, after alcohol, heroin, crack cocaine, metamfetamine, cocaine, tobacco and amfetamine. The study also points out how illegal drugs such as cannabis, LSD and mushrooms are much less lethal than the commonly used and legal alcohol.

Sweden Rock Festival 2009

Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, SwedenSweden Rock Festival will start rocking and rolling on the 3rd of June, 2009, and I’ll be there in the front row cheering when I see Dream Theater, In Flames, Hammerfall, Europe, Motörhead… and the 50 bands that will be added to the list in time.

See you in Norje, Sölvesborg on the third.