My RSS feeds

Having gone off from traditional newspapers and TV reports more and more in the last few years, I’m now getting almost all of my news from RSS feeds (what is RSS?), anything from private blogs such as mine, to larger science blogs, news outlets and organisations such as NASA, and – let’s face it – […]

Apollo 11 revisited – LROC’s best photo of the lunar module yet

I know I’ve written a lot on the Moon lately, but there’s lots to be written. The Lunor Reconnoissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) has now released a pretty neat new photo of the Apollo 11 lunar module as it still stands on the lunar surface. In this picture, taken from 24 km above the surface, we […]

Find the lost Soviet mission on Mars

Nancy Atkinson writes on Universe Today of the lost Soviet Mars 6 lander, which crashed on the surface on Mars in 1974, and has been lost for almost forty years now, until… it can now perhaps be found. The high resolution picture below shows the area where the lander supposedly crashed, and the High Resolution […]

The Beautiful Cosmos: Hitchcock in the stars

Through Universe Today I saw this amazing picture of the NGC 3324 nebula, which amazingly resembles late director Alfred Hitchcock‘s famous silhouette – bald head, nose, mouth and all. Although it’s fairly unlikely that Hitchcock somehow got there after his death (especially since the light from the nebula is 7500 years old), it is indeed a […]

Google+ tip: Space hangouts

While I’ve been on Google+ for quite some time, I just recently became active and started using it daily. Different from similar social networks such as Facebook, Google+ focuses more on the interests that its users share, and encourages to form circles of friends based on what you have in common – playing football, watching […]