Veganglass den stora nya trenden på Sigep 2016

I helgen var jag med jobbet på Sigep-mässan i Rimini, Italien. Sigep är en fantastisk mässa som fokuserar på allt som har att göra med tillverkningen och försäljningen av glass, konfektyr och bakverk, och fyller Rimini Fieras enorma lokaler med glass, kaffe, choklad, bakverk, och allt som har någon som helst koppling till det. Jag […]

Books of March 2012

These are the books read or listened to in March. Philip Plait: “Death from the Skies! The Science Behind the End of the World” (2008) Balancing between depression, amusement and fascination, astronomer Phil Plait (of lists a number of ways in which the race of humanity could be wiped out – everything from asteroid […]

A Way of Life

Read. I have always been thinking. Always, since I was born. Love, hate, sorrow, religion, why is the world as it is? What is the reason of hate, what causes sorrow? Sorrow is a matter we need to accept, someone we are forced to understand and cope with. Everyone dies, and that is a fact […]