Star greater than the Milky Way?

At a party a few days ago, I was standing outside with a couple of friends viewing the incredible night sky when we started talking about the magnificent vastness of space. One of them brought up having heard of a single star that was greater than the entire Milky Way galaxy – which is pretty […]

Ray Bradbury: Den illustrerade mannen

Här är en rescension av Bradburys ”Den illustrerade mannen” som jag skrev för ett par år sedan (2010-03-09). Utvecklingen framskrider. Människan av idag och människan av imorgon är långt ifrån densamme, och jämför då människan av idag med människan av hundratals år framåt i tiden… Många författare och andra typer av kreatörer har under all […]

The Beautiful Cosmos: Jupiter and Io

When talking astronomy pictures, it’s difficult to say which pictures  are ”real” and which ones are not. A great deal is obviously just computer generated or hand drawn, but the ones I post as part of the Beautiful Cosmos blog series all have some degree of validity to them. The first problem that crops up […]

The Beautiful Cosmos: Jupiter

Jupiter has grown to become one of my absolute favourite planets in the last few months. Not sharing Mars’ potential for life, Saturn’s fantastic rings or Uranus unfortunate name, it’s often an overlooked planet, which is kind of a shame. It’s the biggest planet in the solar system, it’s mass being as much as two […]