Pirate Times article – ”Sarah Palin Sued for Copyright Infringement of 9/11 Photo”

I’m writing on Pirate Times about an interesting case: The American politician Sarah Palin and her political action committee has been sued for copyright infringement after publishing a famous 9/11 photograph. The story is reminiscent of the recent story in which the Swedish Pirate Party reported the Minister of IT for Läs mer


I’m sick again… My Swedish blog including my novels and short stories doesn’t seem to turn up for a while, but I guess Swedish readers of my blog can wait. It will turn up sometime in February, I promise.

Daily Report #2

I and my mom had a councellor meeting in school this morning. In swedish we started with grammar, in english I started a ghost story we’re going to write the next lessons, and I’m to tired to remember anything else from school today… After school I bought two mangas; Love Läs mer