How To Become A Real Satanist

No rejudice, but I think that The First Satanic Church is quite stupid. A quote from their about-page:

”Keep in mind that you do not have to join anything to be a ”real” Satanist. Do not let any institution or group convince you that you must be a ”member” in order to be a Satanist. To be a ”real” Satanist you must first be yourself; joining any organization will not automatically make you anything. This is something you must do on your own.”
”To be a real Satanist you must first be yourself” – I guess that means that everyone who acts like themself are Satanists, then. Even though they are Buddhists, Christians or anything. Doesn’ it? 😛


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  • Tim

    No. You’re not a satanist because you found yourself, you find yourself in order to become a satanist. You must be either red or green to be an apple, but that doesn’t mean that a green cucumber is an apple.

  • admin

    By the way, I meant to write PREJUDICE and not REJUDICE. Sorry.

  • am a nigerian, a christian by religion i want to convert to satanism, how do i go about it

  • uhm, I don’t think you really read it all.

  • hello i’m stanley please send me mail on how to become one of you

  • well i think i wana be 1 too…. but heard its hectic

  • belovedsonoflucifer

    visit this site….be a satanist….be our brothers and sisters….