The Beautiful Cosmos: Our Moon

The cosmos is fantastic. Such beauty lie in such basic features as the craters of our own gray moon, constantly hanging in the sky and freaking me out.

This picture may not look so different from many other fantastic Moon photos out there, not to mention the Chinese moon map I wrote about last month, but click it for a higher resolution (3886 x 4576) and you’ll see a fantastic view, a view to truly silence the heavens. The picture is a mosaic of 107 different pictures taken by André van der Hoeven. Support him, go buy the picture as a poster.

And yeah, I got the tip from Phil Plait’s blog. Follow it for more fantastic pictures, news and thoughts on astronomy.

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CC BY 4.0 The Beautiful Cosmos: Our Moon by Anton Nordenfur is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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