As I wrote about before the Dutch Pirates had their big national election earlier this week. Sadly, they did not make it, but it was still a great achievement over their 2010 results, tripling their votes (from .1 % to .3 %; .67 % would have been enough to get a seat). As the Pirate Times write, many regions had much higher results, .7 % at the highest.

And there’s still plenty of chances even in this year, not to mention in the upcoming years:

The supporters of Pirate Parties is clearly growing, not only in the Netherlands or Europe but throughout the world. This election was the closest a pirate party has been to enter the national parliament. Next month will not bring any more national elections but several interesting regional ones, the first one being in Czech Republic on 12-13 October followed by Belgium, Australia, Switzerland and Finland.

You can check out all the results, region by region or in total, at Google’s election site.

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