The End of an Era: Farewell, Moonlighten, Welcome, Kinslayer.

My laptop Moonlighten (bought in early 2008) has been weak for some time now. The keyboard is broken down into pieces, the screen sometimes shut off, if I connect power it turns off. Plus it weighs too much to be used in everyday school life. It was simply the time of change, the end of an era.

I now own an LG computer with Ubuntu 9.10 – my mother’s old one. I have also gotten a brand new external harddrive of 1000 GB. Exactly what I need, having the majority of my music and videos at home (plus of course a backup). This new laptop is also much smaller and weigh less, and has a battery of 5:20 hours, whilst Moonlighten had for about 1:30. A huge difference, meaning I won’t have to bring the cord to school.

Kinslayer is the somewhat depressing name I have given my third computer, a reference to the Nightwish song on their 2000 Wishmaster album, itself a reference to the Columbine School Massacre. There is no connection whatsoever though, as with Moonlighten I merely choose a name that sounded nice.

My three (majorly used) computers to this date:

  1. Zudde (- 2008)
  2. Moonlighten (2008 – 2009)
  3. Kinslayer (2009 -)

A nice little list I’m forming, isn’t it?

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