I read in the news that hundreds of peoples got killed due to the bombings in the Middle East, I don’t care that much about it and the next hour or so it is forgotten. I then go home, log in to the usual sites on the Internet and what do I find. Yes. That’s right. THREE SONGS FROM NIGHTWISH’S NEW ALBUM ARE LEAKED. Damn it! I didn’t want this to happen. It was bad enough that the first single from Nightwish’s upcoming sixth studio album ”Dark Passion Play”, ”Eva”, was leaked five days before the actual release. If the progress goes on this way, eventually the entire album is leaked months before its release on September 28 this year.

I listened a bit on the leaked version of ”The Poet and the Pendulum” on YouTube and I really liked it. I don’t quite have the strength to listen to ”Cadence of Her Last Breath” and the next single, ”Amaranth”, the other songs that were leaked. I think I wait till the entire album is leaked, or at least till better versions are leaked.

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