So I saw the latest Disney film, and I was shocked. The Princess and the Frog is no Chicken Little or Treasure Planet. It’s an actual magical experience with characters, plot, music and heart. This is why I fell in love with Disney while growing up – not only joking as with most animated films but actually making a story. Some of my favorite Disney pictures include Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas and The Lion King – all sad stories, all magical, all beautiful films that actually have feelings.

If you are like me – if you feel Disney used to be awesome and then somehow lost it… watch it. You just can’t miss it. It’s not in the class of the 90’s Disney… but not far from it. Definitely the best Disney film in ten years.

edit: And from what I’ve heard the upcoming films Rapunzel (November 24, 2010) and King of the Elves (2012) will follow in a similar base, focusing on plots and fairy tale stories more, and crazy pop references less. Sounds amazing to me.

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