I feel terrible for having received Flattr revenue in the past months without having flattred anyone else in ages. It’s not much – I have rarely gotten more than one euro in a month – but it still feels really weird. Only moments after realising this and feeling the terrible anguish and guilt, I realise this is really the point of Flattr. To be able to give something when you feel you want to. It’s not about mandatory giving. If you feel like someone has done something good, reward them. My total Flattr revenue would hardly give me more than a chocolate bar, but it feels great that some folk out there actually appreciates me. And I’m sure everyone who uses Flattr feels the exact same thing.

The real truth behind my Flattr absence is not that I couldn’t bear losing a couple euros a month. The real truth is that I forgot about it. I forgot to Flattr. This is changing. I now inserted some additional euros into my Flattr account, and I started out by flattring Wikipedia. I have been absent from the blogging community for quite a while, and was sort of thrown in there when an anti-pirate decided to use my words in their propaganda. I guess I’m stuck again now, so… flattr for all!

Oh, and thanks to Urban for flattring me and thus reminding me of Flattr!

PS. It feels weird writing ”flattring” and not ”flattering”, but then again… that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? DS.

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