It’s fantastic to see how the world wide web, which is by default a mass creation by literally billions of people, can get together for a cause.

Today many pages across the web, including (the English versions of) Google, Wikipedia, xkcd, WordPress, Torrentz, go dark to protest the SOPA and PIPA bills that if passed will basically destroy internet as we know it. The bills are designed to combat piracy, but it won’t even do that. In its way to try to sink this rubber ducky, it will make it possible for the US congress to take down any site that break any copyright laws. What is worse, they will be able to take down any site that even links to copyright infringement. This will actively force sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to go through all materials posted by all users to avoid that anyone posts, say, a link to a Simpsons clip, or shows a screenshot from Diablo III.

Even if you’re against piracy, this is not the solution. This is a moment when everyone who cares for the internet must come together and show their outrage. And the internet is more than funny YouTube clips and seeing when people eat lunch on Facebook. It’s about a mass democratic global community of all ages, sexes, races, ideologies and opinions, a community the world has never before seen. A community that is now threatened out of existence.

Join the good fight.

Fight SOPA.

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