The Dark Tower novel ”The Wind Through the Keyhole”, due late April, has now been ordered from Amazon. I could have ordered it from a Swedish retailer a tad cheaper, but I couldn’t stand not having the beautiful Simon & Schuster hardcover edition which I’ve loved so much since the cover art was released (view below). Apparently only the much uglier versions were sold in Sweden.

The story looks to be an excellent addition to Stephen King’s Dark Tower magnum opus – though the original seven-piece-story was finished in 2004 (and those who read the final novel knows it can’t be resurrected), this novel will take place between the fourth and fifth novels (Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla), being a story within story within story set in the Dark Tower universe. It is advertised as a standalone novel, different from the past seven which were a continuing story.

Apparently, a five-page preview of the novel was released back in December, but I’ve resisted reading it until I get my hands on the actual book and can read it beginning to end like the past seven. Unfortunately, delivering it from the US means I won’t get it until late May or early June, but then again it perfectly coincides with passing my final school exams.

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