How do I feel on religion? I am not Christian, nor Muslim or Satanist. I am simply not religious – but I have nothing against religion. The thing is that people take religion so damn serious. To me (and I may offend someone), religion is just a mythology among the rest. The Norse mythology once was a religion like Christendome is today. But for some reason people don’t like to see Norse or Egyptian or Roman mythology as a religion. If I would say I believe in the Almighty Thor, they would laugh. I can’t see the difference. Christianity’s main point is that a person called Jesus Christ was born from a virgin, and raised learning he was the Son of God. He performed miracles and tried to help man kind, and then man kind killed him. To me, this is a nice story, but then the weird things start to happen – he raise from the dead, and goes up to heaven with daddy. Sure, people can believe this, I don’t mind… and I also very well know that Christianity is about so much more, it’s about being nice to eachother, turning the other cheek… these are all ideas I share. But why do you have to call it a religion? Can’t you just say that it’s good to behave nicely? I don’t think anyone disagrees on that.

The thing is, that IF this is a truth and not just a bunch of stories – why do so many people believe it? How did they find out? What are the odds that EVERYONE writing the Bible told truths and not fairy tales, or for that matter rumours? The Bible was not written by God, I try to tell believers, it was written by men. I believe in science, but if I found a 2000 year old book telling me 1 + 1 = 5 I wouldn’t believe it just because. Nor would I if it said in the book that it was Albert Einstein who had said it, because he was born 1900 years later and it wouldn’t make any sense.

To finish off by quoting Epica: ”Follow your common sense, you cannot hide yourself behind a fairy tale forever”.

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6 kommentarer på “Thought of the Day #2: Religion”

  1. Exactly my opinion!!

    Jag fattar inte vad det är som gör att kristna/muslimer inte fattar att det är människor som skrivit deras böcker. Det är ju helt uppenbart. Eller, det är väl inte så svårt att fatta varför det är så, man har helt enkelt ett behov av svar. Men det är så knasigt. Dessutom verkar många vara ”kristna” bara för de gillar att vara i kyrkan och sjunga i kören och åka på läger.

  2. @anna: Ja. Och alltför många religiösa gillar mystiken med det hela, och håller med delvis, och det kan jag förstå. Jag har ingen aning om det finns en större kraft, men det skulle mycket väl kunna finnas det… men varför måste man slänga sig in i en grupp och säga ”jag är kristen”, ”jag är muslim”, ”jag är hindu”? Kan man inte bara tro på någonting och that’s it?


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