I really don’t read much manga (anymore, I was a real diehard mangafreak in 2005-2006), but since this blog after all have the URL http://blog.mangaworld.se I thought I had to write something about manga just once. And btw, that URL it temporary, and if I could afford it I’d get another one (hopeswerehigh.com or whatever). In other words: Click the ads and bring me the sweet sweet money!

My favorite manga series right now (I don’t follow all of these, but I’ve read at least 5 or 6 tankôbons of each, mostly more)

  • Case Closed / Detective Conan

  • Love Hina

  • Death Note

  • Battle Royale

  • Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z

  • One Piece

  • Kajika

  • Naruto

I just had to write that list. Sorry. Now carry on with your lives, tiny mortals.

MY RACE WILL DESTROY YOU ALL (Futurama reference for teh win)

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