In wait for the new Ubuntu 11.04, I decided to reinstall my system for the first time since October, and I also took the chance and switched from Desktop Edition to Netbook Edition – the version especially designed for smaller laptops with weaker hard drives. (and at the same time renaming my laptop from kinslayer to edenbeast, after the My Dying Bride song.

I was surprised to find that while the Unity layout looked cool, it was incredibly slow in comparison to the Desktop Edition, and some programs could barely start without making a fuzz. I took it easy and wouldn’t bother, but when I realised I couldn’t watch a DVD without having it hack constantly, I looked up the problem.

Apparently I’m not the first one with this problem, and the greatest solution seems to be to install the Unity 2D, which doesn’t have as magnificent special effects but gives much better performance. I can honestly just barely see a difference between this one and the original, so it’s definitely worth it. A description of the download and install process can be found here.

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2 kommentarer på “Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 – how to fix extremely poor performance”

  1. I have tried a number of different netbook-based Linux distros. I love Ubuntu and use it on my other computers, and think that the look of the new netbook interface is very nice, but like you, the effects were just too bad for me to live with. It just took so long to load simple windows.

    I followed your link and installed the Unity 2D desktop. Thank you so much for posting this. Unity 2D is a much better experience. Credits to you and whomever built it.

    1. Hi Jay, and thanks. I had to google for quite some time before finding the Unity 2D solution (I was just moments away from reinstalling Ubuntu Desktop) so I figured I could help in spreading the word. Great to see it came to some use. :)


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